WORKING girl wintertime COMMUTE essentials (5 GAME-CHANGERS YOU NEED!)

Over the years, I have endured pretty much every possible curve ball mother nature can throw at a person while commuting to work.  So with brutally cold temperatures just around the corner here in new York, I thought it was the best time to share the five wintertime commuting essentials that get me through the season.  I pledge they will be game-changers for your commute, and also make for fantastic gifts!!

1. Weatherproof Boots

If you spend a lot of time trudging through snow and ice on the way to the office, you have to own a pair of Aquatalia boots.  Finally, a brand that has actually, legitimately bridged the gap between style and function.  First off, they will be the most comfortable boots you’ve ever worn because they have this outrageous sort of padded interior which makes like you’re sticking your foot into a pillow.  Second, they are completely weatherproof, so bring on the rain, snow, ice, salt, you name it.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna spoil these suckers.  I’m wearing their “Vanie” booties which come in the suede I’m wearing in addition to black leather, brown leather and taupe suede.  Check out all of their stunning styles of boots and regular footwear here.

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2. classic Black wool Coat

Every working girl needs a classic black wool or cashmere coat that can opt for everything.  This is one of my favorites with military-inspired double-breasted brass buttons (and the cutest back detail!) giving it a little stylistic oomph.  I also particularly like the longer length of this coat, as it looks terrific with essentially any length dress or skirt as well as pants.  If you live in a place that gets quite cold, make sure the coat is made of at least 70% wool and/or cashmere.  There are lots of low-cost versions out there that are tempting because they’re so wallet-friendly, but they won’t keep you nearly as warm.

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3. Earmuffs (with built-in headphones!)

يا رفاق. These earmuffs are GOLD. First of all, whether you like the earmuff look or not (I happen to love them!), they are the best cold-weather head gear option that doesn’t absolutely destroy your hair. Second, if you’ve ever worn regular earmuffs, you know the struggle of inserting headphones in your ears and then layering the earmuffs over them is very real. Since these earmuffs have built-in headphones, they knock out two birds with one stone. Your hair looks best upon arrival to the office and you haven’t missed a podcast. The earphone cord is detachable and plugs into both your phone and a small hidden port on the earmuffs, so if there are moments when you don’t want to use the headphone functionality and just want the earmuffs, unplug those suckers and you’re good توجو. I’m wearing these in black, which also come in a grey version, but they also make this cute style as well.

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4. leather tech Gloves

Whether you work in a service formal office or not, leather gloves not only look the most polished and professional, but they are also much warmer and a lot more long lasting than knits.  These gloves are fantastic (been wearing them every single day for the past month) and with tech-friendly finger tips, you don’t have to play the awkward game of trying to stick your thumb out of the bottom of your glove while trying to get through emails (or instagram) on the way to the office.  The gloves I’m wearing come in seven different sizes, are genuine leather, lined with cashmere, and if the regular price iSNST بشكل مثير للصدمة بأسعار معقولة بما فيه الكفاية، وهي حاليا خصم 40٪ خلال عملية بيع Nordstrom Black / Cyber ​​يوم الاثنين. مجنون!

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5. الفراء سرق / وشاح

وشاح كلاسيكي أمر لا بد منه للتحديج عن العناصر، ومفضلتي هو نسخة من الفرو مثل هذا واحد. إنها مريحة للغاية، وتبدو أيضا مصقولة بشكل لا يصدق عند الاقتران مع معطف من الصوف الكلاسيكي. بطبيعة الحال، معطف مع طوق الفراء هو دائما خيار رائع أيضا، لكني أحب أيضا سرق الفراء أو وشاح لأنه يمكنك الثنية التي تضمن الخير مثالا مثاليا تحت ذقنك ثم آمنة في مكانه مع إضافة معطفك فوق القمة.

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بفضل Nordstrom للشراكة على هذا المنصب!

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