Illustrator Indrė Bankauskaitė – official interview

Illustrator of the day – Indrė Bankauskaitė aka Freeminds
Indrė Bankauskaitė is a Lithuanian illustrator based in Vilnius. Her artwork is something to be remembered. She indications her illustrations under the surname Freeminds.  With just a quick browse on Behance, you’ll discover lots of her extraordinary illustrations.  I was deeply impressed by the truth that she draws almost anything : from animals to random,every day objects. Suddenly, I ended up being extremely thinking about finding her roots, her motivation as well as her driven enthusiasm for this field of work. I contacted her as well as requested an interview. I was surprised that she responded to to my e-mail as well as she was more than excited to satisfy all my curiosities .

Freeminds is a brand that promotes happiness throughout vibrant ,energetic illustrations.  For the artist behind this job the most important things  are  hard work as well as passion. This two traits integrated makes  the impossible, possible.  Let’s take a look at the official interview provided by Indrė Bankauskaitė for Tshirt Factory.

1.How did you get into picture ? 
I’m drawing since I can remember, however my mom got me into an art school.

2.Did you have other tasks before getting into picture ?  
I utilized to make adorable glass jewelry.

3. What do you believe it’s the hardest thing to do when you illustrate?
    get an idea, as well as after that choose the colors as well as composition. The rest is a more relaxing part ?

4.What’s your work atmosphere like? 
    I work at house in my room. sometimes in bed. nothing fancy, however tea is a must ?

5.I saw that you mainly draw animals? Why, do you have a enthusiasm for them ?      
I just discover them easier to draw than humans ? as well as of program I like them.

6. who are a few of your preferred illustrators as well as why?  
I comply with many artists, don’t truly have favorites, since they all have different things I admire.
For example: I like Lauren D. Austin as well as JaneMere painting techniques, I can associate to Sarah Andersen comics. Asuka111, Salmon88 as well as KhaosKai draws perfect faces, James Jean as well as Audrey Kawasaki has truly unique style… I most likely keep going permanently ?

7.Do you believe an illustrator needs a style? لماذا ا؟ Do you have tips on establishing an picture style?

Depends.. When drawing random illustrations it’s fun to experiment with styles as well as techniques. however if you’re working on a bigger job it’s much better to stay with one style as well as have consistency ?

8. Where should a person begin if they want to go after a career in illustration?
Just draw what you want as well as draw a great deal ? print on demand websites are excellent begin ?

9.What assists you be more creative?
I desire I understood ?

10. explain your artwork in three words.
Colorful, cute, random ?

I truly hope that this interview assisted you find the extraordinary skill of  Freeminds.  You can discover her designs,sketches as well as illustrations on tees,cups,clocks as well as bags . All the products are offered for purchase on Society6 as well as Redbubble. 

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